Stressless Elevator Rings & Accessories

Ekornes sells a variety of accessories for Stressless recliners and sofas including elevator rings and elevator kits, cleaning kits, hard floor protectors, and tables.


Elevator rings are used to elevate the chair by 1.38". This is ideal if you have trouble getting in or out of the chair. Elevator rings go on the wooden bases (hour glass shape).

We offer two different options - elevator rings for Pre-2012 chairs and elevator rings for Post-2012 chairs. You will need to be familiar with when your chair was purchased in order to select the correct ring. 

Sizing: hover over the ? next to Size on our website: Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.28.09 PM

This will reveal the ring diameter for each size (small, medium, and large). Please measure your current ring diameter from the outside edges to determine the correct size that you need. Please note we sell ottoman elevator rings and chair rings separately. 

Swivel rings:

These are needed if you are stacking elevator rings. For example, if you are going to purchase 2 elevator rings to get 2.8" of added height, a swivel ring is needed between the two elevator rings. A swivel ring by itself measures 0.75". 

If you already have one Elevator Ring on the base of your chair, you will still need to purchase a Swivel Ring along with your second Elevator Ring to allow the rings to interlock and to allow your chair to continue to swivel.

Elevator kit for Signature base:

The elevator kit goes on the Signature Base, and it's one size fits all. The signature base is more of a star shape (separate from the wooden hour glass-shaped Classic base). The Elevator kit is a thick metal washer designed to go in between the bottom of the chair and the star shaped base. Only one Elevator Kit can be installed on a Signature Base Chair.  Example of signature base:

Stressless cleaning kit:

We offer a Stressless cleaning kit on the Smart Furniture website. There are several options - a fabric kit, a large leather care kit, and a small leather care kit. We also offer Pioneer leather wipes for that specific leather type. 

Stressless hard floor protectors:

The hard floor protector is built to protect floors from scratches. Designed to fit all ringed recliners (Signature base and Classic base), these felt cutouts are perfect for preserving tile, hardwood, or stone floor luster. The felt is self-adhesive. 

Stressless Personal Table:

The Stressless Personal Table is the perfect complement to the Stressless recliner, serving as a matching table with plenty of room for a laptop, book, or a cup of coffee. When not in use, it can be pushed to the side and rotated down to be stored out of the way. 

Stressless Swatches:

We can send swatch requests in 3-10 of your favorite options. Swatches are for Leather only (no wood or fabric swatches).  You can request free swatches on the item page of the recliner or sofa you're interested in: 


Replacement foam cushions / other replacement parts:

If you didn't originally purchase from us, please refer to your local Stressless dealer or the original company you purchased from for assistance with repairs or other parts not listed on our website.