Setu Chair by Herman Miller

The Setu is also known for being a chair where you never have to make an adjustment. The injected plastic moves and bends with your body, and you stay comfortable and supported with a minimum of engineering fuss.

Setu Office Chair by Herman Miller

What makes the Setu unique?

Kinematic Spine - The Kinematic Spine simply and effortlessly supports a variety of postures, and does so without needing a single adjustment. This strong and flexible structure helps support your weight and controls resistance as you recline, letting the chair bend and flex along with you. 

Because of the Kinematic Spine, Setu is the only chair in the world to first register the unique weight of the sitter and then prescribe just the right amount of recline. So, whether you are 90 lbs. or 300 lbs. Setu will instantly provide individualized comfort.

Lyris 2 - More structural element than textile, the finely tuned Lyris 2 elastomeric material creates a one-piece seat and back, working with the Kinematic Spine to distribute your weight evenly and conform to your contours. 

What are the optional corner bumpers used for?

Bumpers are used to help prevent any damage from the chair bumping into walls or other items. The color of the bumper will coordinate with the frame of the chair. Below is an example of what the bumper looks like:

Does this chair come with arms?

An armless option is available for those who prefer the look of an armless chair. Otherwise, ribbon arms can be added on. There's also the ability to add glides to the chair instead of casters. This allows the chair to be stationary and used as a side chair.