Series 2 Chair by Steelcase

Fans of the classic Series 1 Chair can rejoice - Steelcase has done it again! With updated ergonomic features and customization options, the Series 2 Chair is ready to get to work.

The back of the Series 2 has a weight-activated tension mechanism that responds automatically as you sit and recline, with three adjustments for further comfort. An adaptive seat bolster conforms to your shape, while the flexible seat edge makes room for easy movement and adjustment. Additionally, the height-adjustable lumbar, responsive back tension, 4D adjustable arms, and adaptive seat bolstering ensure continuous comfort and ergonomic support.




  • Tilt mechanism is weight-activated, with the seat and back working in harmony to keep your body fully supported while reclining
  • Pliable foam seat conforms to the body, giving pressure-free comfort
  • Air LiveBack mesh flexes in two dimensions, supporting each part of the spine for responsive comfort

The Series 2 Chair is a high-performance task chair with a wide range of customizable options, making it easy to match any user's style and preferences. Most importantly, it's at a more attainable price than some of the competition, without sacrificing any of the quality.


Overall 23" W x 23" D x 31.5" H
Seat Height: 23.5 - 33.7"
Seat Depth: 14.5 - 17.25"
Seat Depth Adjustability: 2.75"
Back Height: 22.5"
Back Width: 18.8"

Series 1 vs. Series 2

They both have the same seat controls and 5 star base. From the waist down, they are the same. Series 1 is a highly customizable task chair great for users up to 200 pounds.

The Series 2 has slightly thicker arms (the same ones on Amia, Think and Leap Chairs) and a back that resembles that of the Amia. This chair is good for users up to 300 pounds.