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When does the 18% fee apply for returns or cancellations?

Orders over $1,500 will be assessed a flat 18% return processing fee. Although, in-stock task chairs can be returned totally free. We determine the order amount by adding up the products - not shipping and taxes. That means that a $1,499 recliner will have free returns, even if tax pushed the order amount over $1,500.

Shipping large orders, checking their condition, and storing them in our warehouse is expensive. This 18% fee covers some of those costs. We insure the return shipment, so you're not on the hook for any of the damages. It doesn't matter if it's a custom item, we'll still let you return it.

Certain vendors have a timeline that do not allow us to cancel the order after 48 hours because it's already in the manufacturing process. Because of this, there are various fees that incur (including unpalleting, restocking, storing, or shipping fees to reroute to our warehouse). Because of this, we reserve the right to charge an 18% processing fee for cancellations or revisions for orders greater than $1,500 if the order is more than 48 hours old.

Our return policy as listed on our website here.