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What is Route / Green Package Protection?

Route is a branded tracking experience that can be accessed on the web, in the Route app, or by receiving updates via text message. With Route, we automatically send you real-time shipping updates so you can track your order until it delivers.

What is Green Package Protection?

Route partners with merchants to neutralize your shipping emissions when you order "Green Package Protection" at checkout. "Green Package Protection" shipping includes package protection against loss, theft or damage, with the additional benefit that your shipment is carbon neutral. Simply shop from any merchant who offers Route package protection - and you’re automatically taking instant climate action – no donation required.

Is the tracking service free?
Yes! All orders can be tracked using Route as long as the carrier is supported by Route. If the carrier is not supported, you will receive an email from our shipping team with more information on how to track your order. 

Is the Route app needed to track my order?
No, it's not needed. You can track your order from one of the Route notification emails that you will receive. However, the Route app will show all of your purchases from companies supported by Route in one place, so it can be helpful to have!

Route Protection / Insurance

You will have the option to purchase additional protection at checkout as well. This covers product loss, theft or damage during shipment. 

What happens if I purchase Route protection, and my item arrives damaged? 
You can locate the Route claims form here. You will have also received a Route email with a claims link in it, and you can click on the link and file a claim directly with Route. Route will fully replace your item or provide a refund. Example of what the claim link looks like in the email:


What if I purchase Route protection, and then decide I don't want it?
You can cancel Route insurance without canceling the entire order as long as it is canceled before the order ships. When your order ships, the Route coverage has been used, so it cannot be canceled (or refunded if you decide to return the item later).

If the order shows up undamaged but you would just like to return the order, the Route insurance would not be refunded because tracking insurance was consumed. 

Deadlines to report an issue to Route:

All issues must be reported within 60 days of the order date. Ensure you report an issue within the respective deadlines:

  • Damaged: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered
  • Lost (domestic): Between 7* and 30 days from the last tracking update
  • Lost (international): Between 20* and 30 days from the last tracking update
  • Stolen: Between 5* and 15 days of when the package was marked delivered

*Route requires these wait-to-file periods for stolen and lost orders as packages are sometimes delayed in transit or prematurely marked as delivered.