Multi-Function Extending Table SM 101 by Skovby

The Skovby SM 101 Multi-Function Extending Table is a table meant for small places. It features two fold-down table ends with a center compartment for kitchen storage. A reversible panel in the top center functions as a steel trivet on one side.


If you're operating out of an apartment or a smaller kitchen or dining room than you'd like (and who isn't?) this is a perfect table. It's a dining surface, a storage solution, a big table, and a small table all in one. This is the Swiss Army Knife of kitchen and dining room tables. 

Multi-Function Table Features:

  • Seats up to 4 people
  • Storage in base holds whatever you'd like - 2 wire shelves included
  • Fold down both leaves to minimize the footprint of the table and maximize space

This space-saving table is more than just another piece of furniture - it's three in one! Fold up one of the lift-up leaves and you've got space for a quiet meal with one other person; fold up both and add two more people to your party, with storage for all your dining utensils cleverly built into the base of the table. Born from a need to make the most of space, the Multi-Function Extending Table achieves its purpose admirably. 

Multi-Function Extending Table SM 101 by Skovby


Table Top and Base: Wood material with wood veneer. Offered in Cherry, Walnut, or Black Oak colors. 

Base: 16" w x 31.5" d x 29" h
Top with one leaf open: 43" w x 31.5" d x 29" h
Top with two leaves open: 70" w x 31.5" d x 29" h

Product Weight:
138 lb

Assembly Required:
Yes, light assembly required