Stressless Mayfair Chair

The Mayfair chair is the one of the most popular chairs in the Stressless collection, as it provides all the comfort of the traditional Ekornes product in a package that works for a majority of buyers.

With a striking combination of comfort, function, and balanced good looks, the Stressless Mayfair Chair is the direct result of more than 35 years of refining what Ekornes has preached all along. Slightly contemporary in its overall design, the wood frame and plush upholstery are reminders of the Stressless Mayfair Chair's luxurious quality. It is offered in sizes small, medium, and large


The Consul Chair is highly customizable. It is offered in a variety of leather textures, leather colors, frame colors, and sizes. In addition, you can select the Classic Base or the Signature Base.


  • Stressless Glide System: allows you to adjust the glide setting so you can automatically shift to any seating position by simply using your body weight.
  • Plus System: automatically provides correct support for your head and lumbar area in all positions. 
  • ErgoAdapt: seat tilts down automatically the moment you sit down, providing the most comfortable sitting angle. If you prefer to lie down, the seat elevates to the completely flat position.
  • Upholstered in your choice of leather or fabric
  • Cushioned with two layers of foam
  • Strong, high-quality bent plywood base swivels and provides excellent stability

How do you determine the right size recliner to order?

Below is a helpful guide to determining the right size. The most important part is the headrest. Your eyes should be looking forward as you recline slightly, rather than looking up at the ceiling or down towards your torso. 


Ekornes introduced the Stressless chair in 1971, meticulously developing and designing the chair to provide your body with the ultimate in comfort and support while sitting upright or reclined. This revolutionary design has made Stressless the ultimate recliner for the past 35 years.

The Stressless Mayfair Chair Large was formerly known as the Kensington Chair.


Stressless Mayfair Chair and Ottoman, Large with Classic Base by Ekornes