Leather FAQ Guide

Will the leather patina over time?

If it's a natural leather that wasn't treated, yes it will patina. 

What about cracking leather?

If leather is cracking, it's likely due to not caring for it appropriately. You do need to condition it regularly and keep it out of direct sun. Stressless = leather cleaning kit to remove oils, dirt, etc.

What is MCL leather?

This is a higher quality leather we offer for the Eames Lounge. Essentially it's a higher grade leather that looks and feels nicer. 

Do you offer leather swatches?

Yes, we do! Our sales team can assist you with ordering swatches. 

What leather options are offered on Stressless recliners?

Batick, Paloma, Cori, Pioneer, and Noblesse leathers are offered on Stressless recliners.