Leap Chair by Steelcase

The Steelcase Leap Chair makes working at your desk comfortable. The Leap Chair actually encourages you to move as you sit, ultimately keeping you healthier and more productive as you work.

The Leap Chair is all about making movement comfortable - and even essential. When your spine moves the back of the chair moves with it. When you want to change the position of your arms or legs or re-adjust your position in the seat, those corresponding parts move too. You can't get away from it, but you won't want to either.

Do you sell the original Leap or Version 2? 

We sell Version 2 only. 2008 is when Steelcase came out with the V2. We don't mention on our website that it's Version 2, but it is. 

What is the weight limit?

It's rated for users up to 500 lbs, but but we recommend the Leap Plus for users over 300 lbs for the best possible fit. 

What is the Leap Worklounge?

It's essentially the fancy version of the Leap Chair. There's the option to add a fancy ottoman that also turns into a table. 

Can I add the headrest later if I don't buy it now?

No. It's built into the back of the chair. There technically is a way to replace the headrest later, but you have to originally order the headrest option in order to do so. 

Does the Leap Chair come fully assembled?

Yes, it does. 

What materials and colors does it come in?

Upholstery options include Buzz 2 fabric, Era fabric, and Cogent Connect fabric.

  • Buzz 2 is a tightly-knit polyester fabric. Extremely durable, this fabric will last. It has a raised dimple pattern and is textured with a coarser finish.
  • Era is a subtle, two tone polyester fabric containing stretch in both directions for ease of upholstery. The baby herringbone weave offers an understated contemporary texture while its coloring technique provides close up intrigue. The palette incorporates playful brights and sophisticated muted tones.
  • Cogent Connect Fun, modern colors. It has an even hole pattern and is very smooth and durable. Softer and more breathable than Buzz 2.


Overall: 38" h x 20" w x 19" d (without headrest)
Seat height: 15.5" to 20.5"
Arm height: 7" to 11"
Arm width: 13" to 20"
Overall depth: 21.75" - 24.75"
Seat depth: 15.75" - 18.75"
Seat-to back angle: 96 - 120 degrees
Seat pan angle: -1 - 3 degrees