Herman Miller Aeron Parts & Accessories

Herman Miller offers several Aeron Chair parts that we sell on our website. Please note that parts vary between Classic Aeron and Remastered Aeron.

Task Chair Parts

Task Chair Caster - Made to fit Classic Aeron, Remastered Aeron, Mirra, Setu, Sayl, and Embody task chairs from Herman Miller - each chair takes 5 casters. Sold in sets of five. For more information regarding casters, click here

Classic Aeron Chair Parts (chairs manufactured prior to 2017)

Classic Aeron Chair arm pads (pair) - These are replacement arm pads designed for the original Classic Aeron model, and they will not fit on the newer Remastered Aeron model. These arm pads are offered in Smoke or Black, vinyl or leather. 

Classic Aeron Lumbar Support Kit - This lumbar support is designed to accompany the Classic Aeron Chair. Please note that it will not work with the re-designed version. This lumbar support can be fitted to your Aeron Chair easily and securely. Available in three sizes and two colors. 

Classic Aeron PostureFit Support Kit - The PostureFit is a more adjustable lumbar support feature that Herman Miller offers. The PostureFit provides a custom fit in the lower back area below the beltline, which helps achieve healthier posture and improves lower back comfort. Designed to fit the Classic Aeron Chair. 

Remastered Aeron Chair Parts (chairs manufactured in 2017 or later)

Remastered Aeron Chair arm pads (pair) - Designed for the newer model, the Remastered Aeron. They are available in three colors: Black, Dark Carbon, and Dark Mineral. Black armpads are recommended for chairs with a Graphite frame. Dark Carbon armpads are recommended for chairs with a Carbon frame. Dark Mineral armpads are recommended for chairs with a Mineral frame. Also available in leather.

Remastered Aeron Lumbar Kit - Compatible with all Remastered Aeron chair sizes (A, B, or C), this lumbar kit adjusts through a five-inch range to give support to the curve of your midback, or lumbar region. Available in Graphite, Carbon, or Mineral. 

Remastered Aeron Adjustable PostureFit Kit - Designed for the Remastered Aeron Chair. The adjustable PostureFit SL™ support works with all Aeron chair sizes (A, B, or C) and provides custom, adjustable support at the base of the spine, or sacral region, giving your pelvis a forward tilt to prevent slouching. Adjustable PostureFit SL also provides support for your midback, or lumbar region. You can adjust the level of support by dialing the support in or out. The support ships attached to a new backrest and must be installed by a certified retailer.