GUS Modern Sofas

Which sofa is the softest?

The Silverlake Sectional is a good option if you're looking for a plush sofa. You can also opt for the sofa to be wrapped in down if you want to add a softer layer on top. In every Silverlake sofa, there are also 709 bottles that didn't go to the landfill that are recycled.

The Logan Sofa is also a good option for a softer sofa. The back cushions have a unique, channel-stitch detail that creates a subtle play of light and form.

What does GUS offer for firmer or decor sofas?

The Foundry Sofa is a great option. The Foundry Series showcases tailored, elegant minimalism with details that balance fashion and function, suiting any residential or commercial setting.

Do you offer swatches?

Yes! We have swatches at our studio that we can send. Just contact or give us a call at 423-799-0400. 

What is a good option for a sectional sofa?

The Jane 2 is a very popular sectional that we offer by GUS. It's also offered as a regular sofa without the sectional piece. It has a sleek, modern design and comes in several attractive colors. 

Does GUS offer any velvety sofas?

Yes! The Margot Sofa is a very popular option if you're looking for a velty look and feel. The Margot Sofa epitomizes modern elegance with graceful arms, French-seam detailing, and loose, luxurious cushions that give a look that is both timeless and contemporary.


Which items are in stock?

Give us a call at 423-267-7007 and we'll be happy to check on that for you!