Gesture Chair by Steelcase

The Gesture is our most popular Steelcase office chair. It is one of the few top-of-the-line ergonomic chairs with a headrest.

More now than ever, our business is conducted through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The generational spread of the office is increasing too, with decades of professionals working together. With all this change happening around us, Steelcase set out to create a chair that reflects the way we work and live. Introducing the new Gesture office chair by Steelcase.

How is it different from the Leap Chair? 

Arms. The Gesture arms were designed to raise up and in towards your body higher than any other chairs to support tablet use. 
Foam. The seat foam on Gesture is much more durable and comfy. It has a denser foam with holes drilled into it at angles for a soft, long-lasting sit.
Headrest. The Gesture headrest is the most adjustable headrest on a task chair we sell. It moves up/down, forward/back, and pivots on an arc.

How quickly can I get one?

If it's in stock, 1-5 days. If it is made to order and we don't have it in stock, typically 2-3 weeks.

What's the price point for this chair?

With standard features, the Gesture is close to $1,100, but it can range all the way up to $2,000 for quality leather and polished aluminum.

Does the Gesture have good back support?

The lumbar region of this chair is very pronounced. This chair is designed for people who feel comfortable with strong back support. 

Gesture Chair by Steelcase

Can I add a headrest later on?

No. The Gesture headrest is built onto the top of the back, so there's physically no way to add it on later. You have to select it at the time of purchase.