Generation Chair by Knoll

Generation is a completely modern chair, outfitted with advanced ergonomics, a sleek, unique design, and a novel concept; build a chair where the user dictates the sitting position, and not the other way around.

What makes the Generation Chair unique?

Generation has a zig zag right in the middle of the back of the chair (an accordion angle) and that's where the secret to its success lies. That strange angle is actually a hinge, and it allows the person who sits in the chair to sit one of three ways - facing front, facing back, or side saddle. Either way, that unique back support the user's wait and keeps them comfortable. 



What's the difference between the Generation Chair and ReGeneration Chair?

The ReGeneration Office Chair is a more economical version of its predecessor. Like the  original Generation Chair, the Knoll ReGeneration Chair is pared down to the essence, the spirit, the elemental level. Simple to use and incredibly comfortable, the ReGeneration Chair is one of those chairs you get, sit and go.

The adjustments are simple and minimal, yet provide functionality and responsiveness you expect from a top-quality office chair. With a minimal design, the ReGeneration Chair weighs in at only 26 pounds. That lightness lets you move about with ease. It can be purchased with or without arms as well.