Humanscale Foot Machines

Humanscale offers the FR100, FR300 and the FR500 foot machines to support blood flow in your legs while you're working.

What is the FR100 best for?

This footrest is ideal if you're looking for something that's stable and doesn't rock back and forth. Thanks to its solid hardwood construction, powder-coated tubular frame, and rubber pads, the FR100 Foot Rocker provides uncompromising foot support that also encourages healthy circulation while the user is seated. 

What are the differences between the FR300 and FR500?

Both encourage gentle rocking of the feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement. This rocking motion uses most of the lower leg muscles to increase healthful circulation.

The main difference is the look. The FR300 has a black base and a light wooden foot support. The FR500 is offered in cherry wood or black color. The base is made of die-cast aluminum, so it has that shiny silver look to it. 

Dimensions of the FR300: 16” W x 11.875” D

Dimensions of the FR500: 16.75" W x 12.25" D