Embody Chair by Herman Miller

If you are looking for a healthier work space or office, look no further than the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

Who is this chair best suited for?

It's designed for people who prefer leaning back in their chair with their spine pressed against the back (rather than leaning forward to work). If you prefer to lean forward and work, it may not be the best chair fit for you.

Do you sell the gaming version of the Embody?

No, we don't offer the gaming chair. The regular Embody Chair is very similar. The only difference is the gaming chair has a slightly more forward tilt of about 1 1/2 more degrees, and a few different color options. You can only get the gaming chair from a Logitech dealer or Herman Miller directly. 

What materials and colors are offered?

The Embody is offered in several fabric options. The fabric type comes before the color - for example, "Rhythm Black". 

Sync - 3-layer knit with a soft, felt appearance. Its unconventional construction is designed to cleanly stretch and hug curves for a dynamic upholstery. A Grade 4 Textile, Sync is available in 12 rich colorways.

Medley - a 2D knit and is very durable and soft at 100,000 rubs. It is made of 100% polyester.

Rhythm - a 2D knit and is very durable at 200,000 double rubs. The Rhythm fabric is soft to the touch and can be a little slippery if you frequently wear rayon or silk.

Balance - provides aesthetics, cushioning and breathability. Balance is a 3D knit (3 layers fused together- 2 outers an cushy inside that is 1/8 thick with big holes). Balance has loft to it and breathes better with the larger holes in the knit.


How do you assemble this chair?

Our Embody Assembly video that can be found here

How do you adjust this chair?

Herman Miller offers a great Embody adjustment video.

Dimensions & Measurements

  • Overall Width: 29.5”
  • Back Height: 42” to 45”
  • Seat Width: 21.25”
  • Seat Height: 16” to 20.5”
  • Seat Depth: 15” to 18”

What is the warranty on this chair?

This chair is covered by Herman Miller's 12-year warranty. You can read more about that here