Eames Storage Units by Herman Miller

The Eames Storage Unit combines storage and display space with artistic design and eye-catching materials. Originally introduced in 1950, the Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit destroys the traditional notions of storage space.

Sizes Available: 

Eames Storage Unit 1x1 - this storage unit retains the color and vibrancy of the full piece, but not all of the space. Essentially a doorless cabinet, this unit is great for offices that just need a bit of design flair, not a full system. Overall: 20.5" h x 24.5" w x 16" d. 


Eames Storage Unit 1x2 - this storage unit goes wider than the 1x1, and belongs on the floor equally as much as on a desk or table. You stack things within and on top, and you get all the design aspects of the full piece. Overall: 20.5" h x 47.5" w x 16" d. 

Eames Storage Unit 2x2 - The great thing about the 2x2 is that there are two different versions; one with doors that can cover the lower half of the system, and one without, to expose four cells all capable of storage and aesthetic prominence. Overall: 32.5" h x 47" w x 16" d. 

Eames Storage Unit 2x2 with Doors 

Eames Storage Unit 4x2 - This unit is the full version of the system, with all the attendant surfaces, drawers, and cabinet spaces. This is the version that gives you the most options, both aesthetic and functional. Overall: 58.5" h x 47" w x 16" d. 

Color options:

Eames Storage Units are offered with a black or zinc plated frame finish, and it's offered in the colors "neutral" or "vibrant". The colors are shown on the side of the unit - neutral is black, grey, and white, and vibrant is red, white, and blue. 


What is it made of?

Uprights, cross-supports, and perforated panels are zinc-coated steel; cabinet fronts are dimpled plywood; drawer fronts and shelves are molded plywood; case side and back panels are painted hardboard.