Eames Elephant and Eames House Bird by Vitra

The Vitra Home Collection is not an interior design system or a homogeneous product line which promotes a uniform style. Rather, Vitra considers the furnishing of one's home as a process of collage - a gradual assemblage of products and objects.

The Eames Elephant

Admired for its majestic size and loved for its proverbial good-humor, the elephant is a large part of our childhood experience. Now available for use as a toy or in a bedroom, the Eames Elephant, with its huge floppy ears, will bring delight to any child. This classic elephant makes an excellent keepsake for children to cherish as they grow older and pass on to the next generation.


Batch-dyed polypropylene

Overall: 16.25" h x 14" w x 30" d


The Eames House Bird

Enrich your interior spaces with this treasured Eames House bird.  Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their private home, the Eames House, with numerous objects and accessories that they brought back from their travels. For over fifty years, the figure of a wooden bird has stood in the center of the living room – an artifact of American folk art that was evidently highly treasured by the couple, since it also appeared frequently as an accessory in photographs taken by Charles and Ray. 


Solid alder or walnut, steel wire 

Overall: 10.75" h x 3.5" w x 11" l