Desk Lamps - Best Sellers

The Dash Task Light by Steelcase

The Dash LED Task Light is as much about improving how we work as it is about making a subtle statement with its design. Featuring clean lines, fluid movement and a timeless aesthetic, dash provides optimal lighting in nearly every environment.

Element 790 LED Light by Humanscale

The Element 790 represents the next generation of environmentally sustainable, ergonomic task lights. Its name is Humanscale's way of saying that their new task light throws down 90 watts of illumination while using just 7 watts of power.


Flute Light by Herman Miller 

The Herman Miller Flute Light brings modern design to your desk or table. This advanced LED task light has a 24-year lifespan and uses an impressively low amount of electricity. Medium-warm light is emitted, which is friendly to the eyes. It makes your desk visible and clear without being too harsh or bright.

Royyo Desk Lamp by Koncept

Royyo adds an elegant flair to any space with its minimal wiring and pleasingly modern design. Its unique silhouette houses complex inner technology for a marriage of form and functionality.

Element Vision Light by Humanscale

Using advancements in MCX LED technology, Humanscale brings you the Element Vision Light - a light that produces a broad footpring of true-color lighting - perfect for the ergonomic workstation.


Ode Desk Lamp by Herman Miller 

The diffused LED and spun-steel shade of the Ode Desk Lamp creates an inviting pool of illumination, drawing people together to engage one another in meaningful ways at home or in the workplace.



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