Cosm Chair by Herman Miller

What makes the Cosm Chair unique?

  • Breathable and temperature-neutral
  • The thin but strong frame feels nearly non-existent and offers support while flexing 
  • Self adjusting mechanism that instantly and automatically provides balanced support and movement depending on the person’s body, posture, and the way that they’re sitting

Back Options: Cosm is offered in three different back options:

  • Low-Back: The low-back, with its wrap-top, facilitates casual movement and lets people comfortably sit sideways with their arm draped over the top of the backrest. Low Back fosters collaboration, casual movements, and quick meetings.
  • Mid-Back: The mid-back provides scapular support and easily adapts to any setting, from workstations to project rooms to conference areas. Mid Back provides support up to the scapular region.
  • High-Back: The high-back fits like a glove while providing upper-thoracic support and a sense of comfort and privacy. High Back provides total back support, including upper-thoracic support.

What is the warranty on this chair?

This chair is included in Herman Miller's 12-year warranty policy. You can read their full policy details here