Stressless Consul Chair

With a striking combination of comfort, function, and balanced good looks, the Stressless Consul Chair is the direct result of more than 35 years of refining what Ekornes has preached all along.

The Consul Small, Consul Medium, and Consul Large chairs are all part of the same style family, but in different sizes. The Consul Medium chair is the medium-sized chair of the bunch, and is perfectly suited to a comfortable domestic life. 

Stressless Consul Chair and Ottoman, Medium with Classic Base by Ekornes

The Consul Chair is highly customizable. It is offered in a variety of leather textures, leather colors, frame colors, and sizes. In addition, there are several different frame and base options. It is also offered as an office chair. 


Classic BasePower baseSignature baseOffice chair

What's To Like:

The recline function (the Glide System) reacts to shifts in your body weight. This means you never have to hold tension in your body, like you would in many other recliners. Your head, neck, and shoulders are supported well by the Stressless Consul Chair's headrest. The headrest moves with the chair to keep your head supported in a reading position with your neck muscles relaxed. As an alternative, you can drop the headrest if you'd like to lie almost fully flat. 


How do you determine the right size recliner to order?

Below is a helpful guide to determining the right size. The most important part is the headrest. Your eyes should be looking forward as you recline slightly, rather than looking up at the ceiling or down towards your torso. 


Is there an option to purchase a Consul Chair with a power base rather than a separate ottoman?

Yes! We offer the Consul Chair with a power base in a medium and large. You can find them here


  • Chair dimensions: 39.25" h x 29.5" w x 28" d
  • Ottoman dimensions: 15" h x 21.25" w x 15.25" d
  • Seat height: 15.75" h

Do you offer leather swatches?

Yes! We can send swatch requests in 3-10 of your favorite options. Swatches are for Leather only (no wood or fabric swatches).  You can request free swatches on the item page of the recliner or sofa you're interested in, or contact our sales team for assistance at 


About the manufacturer:

Stressless recliners and sofas have been synonymous with comfort since the company's inception in 1971. Known as the "Innovators of Comfort" - Stressless' designers and engineers have succeeded in creating a recline system that provides seamless support from your knees to your head regardless of how you're sitting. The Stressless glide system - a reclining mechanism hidden beneath the chair's plush, inviting exterior, permits freedom of movement without ever giving up lumbar, head and leg support.