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What are the different types of Herman Miller casters?

Do Herman Miller casters work on all office chairs?
They are made to fit the Classic Aeron, Remastered Aeron, Mirra, Setu, Sayl, and Embody task chairs from Herman Miller. They won't fit on chairs that aren't manufactured by Herman Miller. Each chair uses 5 casters, and casters are sold in sets of five.
What's the difference between hard floor and carpet casters?
Hard floor casters are actually softer to the touch, while carpet casters have a harder outer surface. This video is a great reference to tell if your casters are designed for carpets or hardwood floors.
Here is also a brief description of how to tell the casters apart:

How do Braking Casters work?

Braking casters are designed to brake while the chair is not in use. When seated, the mechanism releases to allow movement. They are not designed to brake while the chair is in use. 

What type of carpet do Carpet Casters work best with?

Carpet casters are hard plastic casters that will work best on commercial-style carpets, but they can be used on any carpet. The deep carpet casters are recommended for shag or plush rugs. 

It's not recommended to use carpet casters on hard floors. They won't mark up your floors, but they won't provide an optimal level of traction. Long-term use of carpet casters on hard floors can cause damage to the casters as well. 

What are translucent casters?

These casters are clear in the middle instead of black. These casters also have a polyurethane coating that provides more traction for hard floors and also work well on carpet.

Task Chair Caster by Herman Miller

How do the Quiet Roll casters work?

These casters have a polyurethane coating for hard floors or carpet with an additional technology that controls the vibration of the caster within the base as the chair rolls. 

What are the Deep Carpet or Hard Floor Casters best used for?

These casters are 3.0" in diameter whereas the other options above are 2.5" in diameter. The extra 1/2" comes in handy if you plan to place your chair on a particularly plush carpet or shaggy rug.