Amia Chair by Steelcase

Like it for the simple design, the back supporting LiveLumbar system, the comfort of the seat and back - love it for the price.

What makes the Amia chair unique?

LiveLumbar™️ technology - Beneath the Amia chair's upholstery, inside its sleek backrest, there's a form of our unique comfort system called LiveLumbar™️ technology, a Steelcase patented back support system. As you sit in the chair, an adjustable LiveLumbar zone flexes with your every move, for consistent ergonomic support for your lower back, all day every day. 

Affordability - It strips away all the things you don't really need from the most high-end office chairs, but it keeps all their comfort, freedom of movement, support, and color. It's lean, and it has kept only the essentials. And because of that, it's half the price. 

What are the other features of this chair?

  • Passive Seat Angle: automatically adjusts for reclining
  • Adjustable Seat Height: pneumatic control provides a full range of height
  • Lumbar Support: allows fine-tuning for lumbar support
  • 2-Stage Tilt Limiter: slightly reclined or fully reclined tilt settings with adjustable tension
  • Adjustable Seat Depth: slides forward and backward to accommodate people of different heights
  • Adjustable Arm Depth: makes it easier to get closer to your desk
  • Arm Pivot: puts armrests at just the angle you need them
  • Optional: upgrade to hard floor casters or a taller 7" cylinder 

How is the Amia different than the Gesture?

These chairs are very similar when it comes to look and feel. The Gesture does come with more add-on options, but if you’re someone who doesn’t need the high-end design or tilt-limiter functions, the Amia may be a great alternative to the Gesture.

Additionally, the Amia is slightly more padded than the Gesture, making it a bit softer. The Amia allows you to sit totally upright, whereas the Gesture has more flexibility in the back and extra wiggle in the tilt, so you recline ever so slightly while seated. Both chairs feature one of the most adjustable arm packages you’ll find in a task chair. 

What is it made of?

Aluminum, steel, glass-reinforced nylon, polypropylene, and 100-percent fabric or semi-aniline leather upholstery.
What is the warranty on this chair?
Mechanisms and functional parts have a 12-year warranty. To view Steelcase's full warranty, please click here