Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

The Aeron Chair's unique design and adjustable features make it one of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs on the market, while its sleek and modern appearance ensures that it looks great in any office setting.

For many people, the office chair is an afterthought – a piece of furniture that's more functional than stylish. But for those who spend hours sitting in front of a computer, a comfortable and ergonomic chair can make all the difference. Enter the Aeron chair – a revolutionary piece of furniture that redefined what an office chair could be.

The Aeron chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for Herman Miller in 1994. Stumpf and Chadwick were tasked with creating a chair that would be comfortable and supportive for people who sat for long periods of time. The Aeron chair's design is unique in that it doesn't have traditional foam padding. Instead, it uses a flexible mesh material that conforms to the user's body. 

The chair's adjustable features make it comfortable for people of all sizes and shapes, while its durable construction ensures that it can withstand heavy use over time. The Aeron chair also has a sleek and modern design that looks great in any office setting.

Are there different versions of the Aeron?

    • There is the Classic Aeron and Remastered Aeron. The classic version is the original model and is no longer sold by Herman Miller. We do sell several parts for Classic Aerons as well as parts for Remastered Aerons. 
    • The Aeron Onyx is the newer model designed around sustainability. While already composed of 50% recycled plastic materials, Aeron Onyx ups its game incorporating 2.5 pounds of ocean-bound plastic into every chair. This one change is estimated to divert over 44 metric tons of plastic annually away from the ocean. It also comes with a high-contrast appearance that instantly stands out.
    • There is also an Aeron Stool, perfect for taller workstations and drafting tables (also available in Onyx). Please note the Aeron Stool only comes in one size, and it is the equivalent of a size B Aeron Chair.

What's the difference between an Executive Aeron and a Fully Adjustable Aeron?

Both are fully adjustable, but the Executive Aeron has a polished aluminum chassis and base. 

Why is it more expensive than some other office chairs on the market?

Herman Miller is well known for having luxury office & home furniture, and it's designed to have great lumbar support to allow all-day comfort. It's highly customizable to fit what works best for you - not only are there 3 different sizes, but it can be upgraded to include additional lumbar support and extra adjustability features. 

How soon can it ship? 

If we have it in stock, it'll ship out the same day or the next day. It will take 3-4 weeks if we don't have it in stock at our warehouse.

Is assembly required?

In some cases, yes. Sometimes chairs will ship RTA (ready to assemble) because this is the most affordable and eco-friendly way to ship office chairs. If the chair arrives RTA, there will be very light assembly required. It will involve ensuring the cylinder is properly situated in the base, then lining up the top portion of the chair over the cylinder, and letting it fall into place. 

Remastered Aeron Arm Pad Set by Herman Miller

Which accessories can I add later?

You can add lumbar supports, casters, and armpads later. 

What does the warranty cover?

Herman Miller office chairs have a 12-year warranty. This covers everything - including electrical components, casters, cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. The full Herman miller warranty (including other items besides task chairs) can be found here.

Which chair is black?

The Aeron Onyx is black, and it's a more sustainable version as well. The darkest color the normal Aeron comes in is "graphite" which is very dark grey. 

Which size Aeron Chair should I purchase? 

The Aeron Chair comes in 3 sizes. As a general rule: 

  • Size A chair - recommended height of 4’10" - 5’4” tall, weighing 90-150 lbs
  • Size B chair - recommended height of 5’2” - 6’6” tall, weighing 130 - 325 lbs
  • Size C chair - recommended height of 5’3” - 6’6” tall, weighing 180 - 350 lbs

Below is a more detailed guide from Herman Miller: 

Adjustability guide:



Is Smart Furniture an authorized retailer?

We're an authorized Herman Miller retailer. This means we're official. We sell new factory-direct chairs complete with Herman Miller's own 12-year warranty. You can purchase confidently from Smart Furniture knowing you'll be receiving genuine Herman Miller products.